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B.A.L.D.Y.  Athletics Mission Statement

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The mission of the B.A.L.D.Y ATHLETICS INC. is to teach balance, academics, leadership and discipline through youth athletics in order to experience high level skills training and educational opportunities in a safe and enjoyable environment.  B.A.L.D.Y ATHLETICS is believed to be a valuable asset to the total education and sports training process; therefore, the program operates within the same objectives and goals of the overall athletic program. Research has shown that athletics at the youth level help to foster team building skills, problem solving skills, self-discipline, and self-confidence. Through the development of these skills it is believed that our student-athletes will become confident, contributing members of the community.


Florida Retina Institute

The organizations help ensure our boys and girls receive a first class experience while traveling to various AAU tournaments and playing the game they love.

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B.A.L.D.Y.  Athletics Spotlight Video

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